Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowzilla '11

What an awesome way to start the Semester!

I wonder during of Noah's time if one had access to; seeing on the radar the storm swirling of God's wrath would they have repented? Would they have not scoffed at Noah but instead threw themselves on God's mercy and begged Noah to take them with him?

With the prediction of this blizzard hitting the Chicagoland area, I had scoffed-because for years every time they raised the flag- the excitement bypassed us and instead Indiana would receive the brutal weather. Besides, plans had been set in stone: the creme de la creme of the first week of Spring Semester? Hopping Metra to Elburn-visiting camp family and dinner at Panera Bread Tuesday evening.

In sci-fi/fantasy novel trilogy by David Eddings "Crystal Singer" those who would become miners of crystal (if you can't relate, think miners of spice=Dune) were blessed weather affinity as well as obsession with weather. As unpredictable, volatile and yet beautiful Creation is, WeatherBug has become an app on my desktop and as I viewed the radar screens Tuesday morning watching the immense mass moving towards the city, I realized we were in for it. Concern now occupied my mind: coordinating children getting home, confirming that my husband would leave work early enough (and not take Lake Shore Drive), checking in on my mother and elders in my family and tuning into WBBM 780 am and watching Facebook as the storm fiercely blazed, capturing all in its path.

As communities and neighborhoods begin recovering, as I listen to complaints from impatient people about the trivial daily routines being delayed, my thoughts turn to those that homelessness is an unfortunate way of life, humbly I recognize the blessings of witnessing this fury of Creation from the comfort of my home.

"Heavenly Creator, we are thankful for your loving arms of protection through this mighty storm. Pour into our hearts the spirit of hospitality that we may not forget those who wander without a hearth to call their home. In your name we pray, Amen."

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