Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And the Grammy goes to...

I love Mumford and Sons, I love the Avett Brothers, and I really like and truly respect Bob Dylan…So when I randomly turned on the TV Sunday night just in time to see the three all play together, you could imagine why I was dancing around the room with a big smile on my face. Fast forward to Wednesday night, when sitting and talking with some friends at LSTC, about some of the teachers we have had… names came up…many names, but the one I focus on in this quick story, will be Ralph Klein, Old Testament scholar. A couple of students were talking about how they will be excited to say they learned from Ralph Klein, who happened to come out of retirement to teach a course. I was lucky enough to eat lunch with him at the end of last semester, and for too many reasons and not enough characters, I can never tell you why people like Klein will always hold a special place in my heart, mostly because it could be a term paper going back to 1974 and ending with me sitting in Hendel’s Lutheran confessions class with a tear in my eye. At LSTC I can see what can become of me, I can see my history in front of me, and when the day comes where I preach in my parish and people say pastor to get my attention. I can feel like Mumford or Avett, having learned from myBob Dylan’s along the way, and now coming into my own.

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