Friday, February 18, 2011

Agape Revolution

Although I will admit doing these word studies in our Jesus and the Gospels class has been exciting, much to my chagrin the first 30 minutes is studying a passage and translating from the Greek.

Oh joy and rapture.

Agapo has several meanings: of affection for persons, of the love of supernatural beings, of the practice of love, etc. The word Agape appears a multitude of times within the New Testament with the most quoted when Jesus gave his commandment to “Love the Lord your God...Love your neighbor as yourself.”

As many of us tune into CNN, MSNBC, our local news via cable or reading various newspapers, the horrors of what human beings can and do to each other sometimes is depressing and leaves one's soul in a state of despair. No matter what our faith walk, this universal command should remain scorched on our hearts, stopping us in our paths and realizing that we must treat each other as we expect and know that our Creator loves and cares for us.

The violence is an unfortunate disease within my own community even as we continue to celebrate and reflect during this Black History Month. Could we look through the eternal veil to face our ancestors, those who fought and died for civil rights and equality, struggled and persevered as they escaped the horrors of slavery and say that we are proud of where we are?

We have come far and triumph, yes but the road is long, the nights dark with unseen, deadly obstacles, and even as our cries pierce the night, we rejoice for our joy comes in the morning.

God's Peace.

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