Sunday, September 1, 2013

Orientation is done and now on to classes!

Last week was filled with reunion of classmates and a time to meet new (to me) students.  I find that my campus living/ commuter status puts me in a unique position because I relate to so many more students.  And that works great for me because I love to meet people, learn about them and witness how God has worked through them.  I continue to be amazed and reminded that God is so much bigger than any of us can imagine, and that was made abundantly clear when I looked around the room of students and faculty during orientation week.  The student population alone consists of male/female, white/ black, gay/straight, old/young and pipeliners/second career students which is just a smattering of the groups represented at LSTC.  And for that I am grateful to be a part of this student body, because it is representative of the fact that God works in so many ways, and is also a fantastic reminder of the fact that God is always present.

This image provides a much need smile as I complete my endorsement essay.