Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An Ode to the LSTC Snow Crew

While Chicago is pounded by a violent blizzard, the snow is just beginning to fall here in Syracuse. We are also expected to get socked from this 2,100 mile, 29 state monster storm as well, albeit not nearly to the level that Chicago is currently getting hammered. There will be no snow days in Syracuse, no cuddling up inside avoiding the weather. Just another day of life, starting with another morning of shoveling.

This storm is expected to add another 10-15 or so inches to the already 117 inches that have fallen over the course of the season. Most of which I have removed from my driveway myself, with a shovel. This fact motivates my blog for this week, which I have titled “An Ode to the LSTC Snow Crew.”

Dear LSTC Snow Crew. I have always greatly appreciated you. Every snowy morning as I was running frantically to class, coffee in one hand, books in the other, I never had to worry about slipping, because you were always up before me, clearing the walks, salting the stairs, and generally making my short commute to school much more pleasant. You constantly went above and beyond the call of duty to keep me safe from the winter elements.

Snow Crew, I always appreciated you, but I never realized how much I appreciated you until this year. You see, up until this year I had never handled a snow shovel before. Being from California, my experience with such tools extended as far as the scary guy who ended up being the hero in the movie Home Alone (Old Man Marley?). What I have learned this year is snow shoveling is incredibly cold, hard work. Work that you get up very early to do, so that my walk to school can be safe. Every morning when I am up shoveling my driveway, I think of you fondly and cannot wait to be back under your care again. Thank you, LSTC Snow Crew. Unsung heroes of the seminary.

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