Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh the places we will go!

As Matt described in his post this week, Wednesday was assignment day for the ELCA draft.  I didn't have the same experience as a senior, feeling the butterflies in my stomach all day and anxiously watching the envelopes that determined my fate through that worship service.  I did, however, have a new sense of seminary.

As a junior, last semester was all about transitioning into seminary.  All of my energy was focused on establishing roots and getting "used to" seminary.  Watching the seniors though, it was like the swinging door was now going the other direction.  We are ushering them out, faithfully and with support of course, into the "real world" of ministry.  It made me reflect on when my time will come to be "called" out of seminary and into my first call.  

I think time will go too quickly, but when that time comes, I hope to be sitting surrounded by my peers, my colleagues, and anxiously awaiting that envelope of fate.  Oh the places we will go!

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