Saturday, February 26, 2011

Darkness and Light

We live in a society that tries to hush the darkness of the world. "No, that darkness there... It's just, uh, well nevermind. It's not there." And really, that puzzles me. If I don't acknowledge the darkness, I can't acknowledge the light, either. For what good is a candle on a bright sunny day? (More about this on DirtySexyMinistry's Lie Post)

In CPE last summer, we talked about walking into the darkness with people. Of having faith that when you did so, it would not consume you. Instead, there is the assurance that you will find God. There will be light. After all, the best part of Psalm 23 is the word THROUGH. "I walk THROUGH the valley..."

There's no jumping over the valley. There's no denying the darkness. Of pretending the world is hunky-dory and death never happens and darkness doesn't exist. Of trying to sweep it under the rug and declare that there are rainbows and sunshine.

Fact is, I need that darkness for it shows me God. It is the darkness and the light that reveals the SON. This is the promise of our Lenten journey and of Easter morning. It is in our darkness that the light of Christ shines brightest. 

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  1. I agree, it is in our darkest times, that the light of Christ does shine! I love your image, and would like to use it in a bible class for ladies.