Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not enough hours in the day

Looking forward to Tuesdays, because they give me a full day of fun and exciting, and by fun and exciting, I mean longing for God to let the sun stand still in the sky, so I can have more day time like Joshua. I have three classes all of them three hours or more. The first starting at 8AM and the last one ending at 9:30 PM. I find myself in a whirlwind of notes and lecture, and really the two hours between each class are sucked up by switching books, grabbing food, and getting to the next class. The joy is that I will only have one other class on Monday morning, but the new responsibility reminds me that I need to plan out an attack on school. Ben Stewart... excuse me, Dr. Ben Stewart, put in his Worship syllabus that we should be prepping about 6-7 hours outside of class. I am taking five classes this semester because of a miscommunication I made with another school about timing, so I have done the math. Four on site classes requiring 12.5 hours a week, plus two hours of online lecture, take the five and apply the 6-7 hours and you have a grand total of… about 44.5 hours a week. Obviously the math is to make it scarier, but as you look to the future for my yay or nay status, pray for me. I’m in the big leagues now!

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