Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coffee - A Sacrament? Part II

I've been back in Chicago for the last two weeks with nothing official scheduled.  Sure, I've had errands to run--buying books, mailing letters, etc, but I've managed to fill my two weeks quite nicely with coffee.  I remember Alison's post back in November, suggesting that coffee was a sacrament.  
I would like to second this.  

I found myself having endless coffee dates this month.  I had coffee at Z and H.  I had coffee at Medici.  I had coffee at Third World Cafe.  I had coffee at my apartment.  Rinse and repeat.  I had one coffee date that lasted four hours, which only seemed to end because we noticed that they were closing.  

While my stomach lining and teeth enamel probably would have preferred not to have been treated to this barrage, my soul is joyous.  These conversations were ones that nourished me, made me feel alive or heard, when often times, I'm too busy reading and writing to really process what is on my heart and mind, especially with other people.

We start classes tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to having a schedule again, but also having a few more coffee dates.

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