Saturday, January 22, 2011


A colleague told me that she always plans little get aways or things to look forward to during this season. This is, of course, the season of the S.A.D. which always grabs me. I keep meaning to get a "happy light" and bask in it but I guess part of me things it is a load of bull. But really, the lack of light combined with the dreadful post holiday season and new years resolution testing is enough to drive anyone into depression.

As we discussed her plan to always have something to look forward to, she told that she tries to get as much enjoyment as she can out of the anticipation of the event because once the event (vacation, visit from a friend, special occasion) arrives, it always flies by.

I will be home in Tennessee in two weeks and I am eagerly awaiting that week of visiting friends and family and my old haunts. It is keeping my head above the waters in these past few very busy weeks of ministry. I'm continually amazed at how much *new* stuff continues to pop up. They're silly things like learning I can lower the stand on the pulpit so it doesn't swallow me whole when I neglect to wear my heels. Then there's the bigger stuff like leading my first memorial service or sitting by a dying man's bedside.

But life is a balance not just of fast with slow and solo with company... but of new and familiar. And frankly, I've had a little too much new on my plate in this new year. I'm anxiously and joyously anticipating some very *familiar* things.

...though I suppose I'll make time to meet my friend's brand *new* baby. ;)

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