Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pedicure - Another Sacrament?

Okay, so getting a pedicure is not a sacrament. At all. But I was of course struck by the resemblance to Jesus washing the disciples feet. I think about the weeks that get so very long, especially when I'm preaching and leading multiple services (four this week - two with communion). I think about the need to rest and recover and recharge and renew and... yeah.

So on Monday, knowing what this week was bringing, I told my friend who is a local pastor that we were getting pedicures. This wasn't an option. It had to happen.

This is how we found ourselves, pampered to pieces by the amazing staff at Digits here in Billings. And as I looked down at the Vietnamese man wearing a long Buddha necklace as he rubbed lotion into my feet, I thought, "This is how Jesus washes my feet today."

And while you might point out that I paid for the service of having my feet washed (so it doesn't therefore count), I'll assure that you I used money given to me at Christmas. I couldn't have bought anything else I would have enjoyed more. And it was a good reminder to let myself get taken care of instead of doing all the taking care of.

I'm sure it was a great moment for the disciples way back then and it was certainly a great moment for me yesterday.

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