Friday, January 14, 2011

Words Blossom as Roses....

"Lying lips conceal hatred and whoever utters slander is a fool". Proverbs 10:18

The human speech is complex as it is musical because out of many mouths and voices not only carries the history of a people but the insight into unique cultures and traditions bind us together and separate us apart. The power of the spoken word can also comfort a troubled soul or tear a spirit into oblivion as we have been witness to almost an entire week prior.

As tainted as the political arena has been previous it seems with the election of the first African American president who has brought his compassion and community organizing talents and abilities into the nation's highest office this has unfortunately brought out the worst in many people. Although many of us may not agree with his policies and direction, we should as a people realize who we are first, no matter what our background, spiritual journey or beginnings have been-that we are all creations of the Most High and the commandment of caring for our fellow man, woman and child should be paramount.

More powerful that any weapons, and now with the advantage of the internet those who violently disagree are able to spew discord and hostility and infect others that not only may blindly listen but sadly feel compelled to take action.

If nothing more, what we can learn from this is that we should all think before we speak. You never realize what treasure or trap you can spring upon your fellow brother or sister in Christ, bring them peace or dragging them into sorrow.

Heavenly Creator, we ask for your peace among our people, comforting those who mourn knowing they have passed through the Valley and dance in the fields eternal. Continue to guide our hearts and minds that we are only a blessing to one another as you have commanded us. In your name we pray, Amen.

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