Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Burlesque, Global Missions, and Me?

Just got back from seeing the movie Burlesque, $1 Tuesdays at our Budget Theater in WI near my house. I enjoyed the movie, although it has a lot of risqué scenes. But I was finding myself drawn into one part, when asked why a character left a comfortable small hometown they replied, "I was looking around and I didn’t want to do what anyone else was doing..." Now I butchered that line, but I was really caught up in that line all the way home to the computer, because days before this quote, I was sitting in a room with about 10-15 young adults, talking about church at a Global Mission event for the ELCA. The idea there was, "Where are the young people?" And I think I may have received part of the answer tonight. Is it crazy to think that Burlesque has the answer??? Are the youth and young adults looking around thinking they do not see themselves in their own congregations? I feel a new excitement today and from that conference, because I know that I am not alone, but more so that I go to school with a bunch of people who feel called to eradicate this feeling, who do not want that in their church or Christianity, in fact some were at the weekend event and others there may be future LSTCers. In the end great weekend and great movie, but the future looks even greater.

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