Saturday, January 29, 2011


Each day my google calendar walks me through my day, item by item. I have it on my cell phone on the main page (it's a fancy phone). It has arrows so I can click through the items and see what's coming.

Today, in bold letters, underneath the date, it said "NO EVENTS." And I broke into a huge grin. Nothing scheduled. A day filled with nothing but me time.

I'll be honest. In the past, this situation would have unnerved me. I would have been fretting spending an entire day with just myself. I'd start scheduling things just so I wouldn't feel alone. But not today. After a fairly hectic three weeks in a row (in which my Saturday's were spent fretting about preaching and leading service the next day), I basked in the "NO EVENTS" heading of my day.

And let me tell you, though I did end up going to visit a parishoner and going to the grocery store... as well as answering a few work emails and preparing for service tomorrow morning, I did a whole lot of blissful nothing.

It was a sabbath rest and I cannot convey how restorative it was. Thank the Lord for this day (and all days... but especially this one) and for the care that comes in resting.

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