Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!!!

I am so excited because I am visiting some friends at LSTC very shortly. I have not really seen anyone since before Christmas, only a couple of talks, a vague text message, and some, well a lot of Facebook stalking. I am so excited just to have a chance for a quick catch up, but what I am finding most is that my limited time does not give me enough time. Who to choose, where to go? This also proposes a bigger question for me to think about and that is, “Where do I want to live next year?” Not in a couple of weeks, but next year as I know so much will go on and the addition of outside hours comes into play, where should I live. I have gone back and forth on it for the last couple of weeks, but I have made no headway whether or not I should or should not do one or the other. I want my community at LSTC to be closer at hand with everything school will bring as this all gets harder and fairly harder for other friends and family outside of church work to understand. But as the old saying goes, to much of a good thing… (I guess I don’t really know how it ends), and so I am left wanting that closeness of friends outside of LSTC to give me a break from the word seminary. How come we have not invented the teleport yet?!?!?!

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