Monday, October 11, 2010

You may kiss the bride...

I spent my weekend going to Green Bay, WI and from there to Saginaw, MI, with one thing on my mind…Weddings! On Wednesday I was in my Pastoral Care class, and our discussion was all about…Weddings! In my own life, weddings are usually talked about at least once a week if not once a day, since I am also engaged and planning to be married in August. I also received a heads up from my best man that he was getting engaged this same weekend. So my weekend was jam packed with driving, dancing, and a whole lot of fun experiences..
Throughout the weekend, I was learning about families and their rituals throughout services and receptions. Some things were silly, like opening the dance floor with a polka called, “The Bears Still Suck!” It was then, that I knew I was at a Green Bay wedding. Others were more sentimental, like the wedding in Michigan, where the couple was married in the same chapel as many of the groom’s family. I came back from the weekend with anticipation moments like these that pastors get to be a part of, and how they play an instrumental role in bringing God into a marriage in its first few seconds of existence. I cannot wait to perform my first wedding, I know I will be nervous, but how exciting to be a part of that day, and show God’s love through two people, just like it was this weekend and hopefully in my own wedding as well.

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  1. I agree, Alex. It's really humbling to have these moments where you're like, "Dude...that'll be my job in a few years." I think about it at weddings and baptisms especially. We'll be a part of some very intimate moments in peoples' lives. Wow.