Friday, October 29, 2010

Vulnerability and Chaos

As seminarians we learn not only theology, the history of the church, the importance of liturgy but also the care of our flock. Pastors are the safety in the storm that their parishioners will run to in a crisis, in sadness, in confusion and need direction and comfort. Yet, who do we run to when there is a crisis? How do we handle the chaos in our own lives, or from that does the Creator give us those experiences that we are able to fully minister to others?

Wednesday, I experienced "the scare" that all parents unfortunately go through. My son went outside, and as I was in the kitchen for a few moments, I did not hear him. I went out onto the back porch, then down three flights of stairs, searching and calling. Our back gate of the courtyard was ajar and the silence was almost one of torture. My heart was racing as I sat on the floor of my apartment, uttering a primal scream and the fear; the questions seemed to weigh as if heavy stone. Where was my son?

I am thankful for my daughter who ran back outside and found her brother sheepishly peering out from behind a neighbor whose sons he had been playing with and forgotten to inform his mother. In moments as these, I am reminded that regardless of the collars we will don and the stoles placed over us we are still fragile , vulnerable children of God.

“Great Creator, you cradle us close to you as your children and guard us from harm. Guide us in those same loving ways to watch over those who are helpless, hurting or alone. Continue to send your angels to protect children everywhere, whether they are going to school, to play out in the parks or right in their courtyard. In your Blessed, Eternal name, Amen."

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