Thursday, October 7, 2010

"A Little Baptism"

I have developed a ritual here at LSTC. It is not something I came up with myself, but one I have seen numerous others do. Each time I walk into chapel, I make my way over to the large, flowing baptismal font in the back of the room. Dipping a finger in the water, I make a very small sign of the cross on my forehead, reminding myself that I am a baptized child of God.

I was talking with some classmates yesterday about how our practice of infant baptism can be frustrating at times. Like many Lutherans, I do not remember the event of my baptism, and at times during my life I have struggled to make it an integral part of my Christian walk. But this ritual is a way to make the Sacrament a part of every worship service. As my walk with God began with baptism, so each worship service of which I am a part begins with a “little baptism,” a remembrance that I am claimed by God. It reminds me that my baptism, and indeed even my very faith in Christ, is not something that I chose. Christ chose me.

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  1. Nate and Travis like to splash others with a little baptismal water now and again. :) I do love that the font is always open and we can be reminded of our baptism whenever we so choose!