Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Doing What I Love!

One can get a little overwhelmed here in school. The readings have gotten longer, and with that so do the papers, and in Greek I have finally run out of fingers and toes to count the verbs I need to know. However, as the nights get longer and the mornings earlier, I find myself becoming more joyful.
In undergrad, when I stayed up late to write a paper or do some project, I would find myself stressed or apathetic. In my time here at LSTC, although I don’t always want to read everything or write responses all the time, I know what I am working toward.
I can see that I am starting to understand Greek outside of class, and in other classes the readings are long, but they give me history of my faith, and understanding on what makes a pastor a pastor, which is what I truly feel called to. The most joy comes when I am at church on a Sunday morning or at Wednesday chapel for Eucharist. I think to myself, one day… One day, I will be leading this. Just like Augustine, St. Francis, Martin Luther and … I gotta get back to reading!

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