Saturday, October 9, 2010

Theology of Disney

So I have this Disney mug... well, I actually I have a few Disney mugs. I LIKE Disney mugs. Don't ask me to explain it. It can't just be that they are well made and hold massive quantities of delicious brewed beverage because other mugs do the same - I just like 'em.

The one on my desk right now is one of my favorites and came with me on internship. It is a travel mug that I've broken the lid to but still use (no awkward ridges like most bottoms without their lids!). Though it is a Sleeping Beauty mug, and the dancing princess on it is nice, I love the banner at the top most of all: "Awaken to the wonder of it all." In a time when I feel like Biblical quotes and passages are so over used or misused, I find this little Disney blurb inspirational. It is simple and direct. A call to action and a comfort. Awaken! There is wonder all around!

And though the Bible has beautiful things to say about mountains and ministry, sometimes I just need a little bit of something entirely non-biblical. Thanks Disney.


  1. My mom has a Disney mug for almost every movie they've made. What she has done is pick one mug for each of us family members. I can't remember what my sisters are, but my dad is the Lion King and my husband is Dumbo. Haha, I'm not sure why he's Dumbo, she doesn't think him dumb or to have big ears. When she uses "our" mug though, she prays for us. Then she calls us wondering why we were on her heart to pray for, and are we okay. But I love it. I love knowing she had "my mug" today. Oh, and I'm the Cinderella mug. :)

  2. The Cinderella mug?!? Well done! I like that idea a lot...