Monday, October 25, 2010

To Do or Not To Do

Sometimes I feel like I create a To Do List…, only to show myself everything I did not get done in a week. Don’t get me wrong, reading week has been a great refresher, but there has been one big elephant in the room, and that is Greek. I wanted to put my focus on a lot of different assignments this week, but the one that kept me up most nights and busy in the morning is Greek. For this week, especially being a commuter, I was excited to have a whole week off since reading week doesn’t start until Tuesday, but Monday is, “school in July,” for me… no class. Unfortunately, waiting for me was a big helping of Greek assignments online. With all my frustration, I see the joy. I was able to focus solely on Greek this week without any distractions, especially in the beginning, when I had nothing due right away. Also, I made a couple of breakthroughs this week, and have some comfort as this week brings another helping of assignments, but now these are mixed in to all my other classes and their papers and mid-terms due this week. Although this smorgasbord can seem overwhelming, I am really excited to get back to LSTC tomorrow. It feels like forever, but I get to see all the people I have not seen in almost two weeks. Tomorrow at 8AM resumes classes for me and so starts the family reunion.

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