Friday, October 8, 2010

Through New Eyes

Sometimes the gentle rush of a quiet river holds its own surprises and with a toss, splashing one's spirit can open us to an awakening.

As I sat in Pentateuch class this week reflecting on the discussion and imagining with the richness of theologians, ancient and present, picturing them before us, arguing, debating and yes even pausing in thought-no matter how I would approach them, approach theology as a whole, I bring this stirring within: the mists of the Serengeti flowing, biting sands of the Sahara surrounding and the whispering shadows of ancient Nubia behind me, reminders of my duty and when my is voice raised, joining others it is the rumbling, vibrating of distant drums and the musical chanting of a forgotten people.

For no matter where I go; what new wisdom and knowledge is poured into my being, and I joyfully accept, within beats the heart of a proud woman of Africa and I dance in celebration for what the Creator has given to me.

"God Our Creator, ever watchful, covering and protecting us by the Holy Spirit, keep us mindful of the importance of where we have come from, and continue to guide us through this journey, while uniting us as your beloved children, humbling charged and blessed with continuing your Son's work, with compassion, mercy, and peace. Amen."

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