Sunday, October 24, 2010

Virginia Theological Seminary

I've been waiting for my chance to write this blog, on this day, because I wanted to write about LutherBowl.  This great sporting event began as a flag football game between the Lutheran seminaries at Philly and Gettysburg.  It has since expanded to several other seminaries, including seminaries of other denominations.  I have a few friends that go to Virginia Theological Seminary, which is an Episcopalian school.  They, and my friends from all the other seminaries that LSTC's flag football team could play against on Saturday, October 30th, have heard my trash-talking.

Is it really trash-talking though when I just remind them that LSTC is going to win?

While I've been excited to talk more about flag football here, one of my Virginia friends posted on her Facebook the other day that their chapel had caught fire.  The article from VTS is here.  I checked the news to see pictures and I was horrified.  In a short time, their wooden chapel, consecrated in 1881 nearly burnt to the ground.  Here is a slideshow of pictures from the damage.  No one was injured, which is a blessing.

One of the stained glass windows was definitely destroyed.  The quote above it read, "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel."  I don't really know what to preach at this moment other than love.  I want to show the VTS community as much love and support that we can.

I don't know that my friends from VTS will be playing us in football on Saturday, but I do know that I will be thinking of them and the community, trying to rebuild.

Loving God, Please be with the VTS community.  Comfort them.  Surround them.  Strengthen them.  Give them grace and peace in this time of sadness and destruction, making a new day for joy and building.

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