Monday, October 18, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities

Being a commuter gives you a set up of having two communities, I obviously have the LSTC community that I am a part of Tuesday and Wednesday, but also there is the rest of the week where I am in Kenosha, WI. My intense two days at LSTC sometimes can feel longer than the rest of the week, because I am in constant go, whether in class, hanging out (GLEE at 7PM), or reading in my favorite hideaways all over campus. The result is a busy two days. This week we have no classes after today, as we head into a reading week, which means I will not be gracing LSTC with my presence at all. Reading week gives us all a chance to catch up on some projects by cancelling all classes and activities. Now some projects consist of visiting boyfriends and girlfriends in far away lands, taking a quick getaway, catching up on missed TV shows, and of course, actually doing homework and reading. Most likely there is a given that some of reading week seems to be about catching up on sleep. For me, although I will still be reading, I am most excited for some extra time to be closer to my family and friends. It has been two months since I spent a Tuesday in WI. I am excited to get a little extra time in this community, which strengthens, refreshes, and encourages me to be a part of my other community at LSTC.

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  1. Life at LSTC is always a little more enjoyable when you're around, Alex. It's a bit-o-sunshine that seems to burst in, because you're not here every day. It's like being reunited with a friend EVERY WEEK!