Monday, November 5, 2012

When the Pastor's Away, the Vicar Will have Gliturgy

So, my supervisor is in the Holy Land with Bishop Burnside from South-Central Synod of Wisconsin for 15 days.  That means it's time for the Vicar to take the reigns and really shine.

Except, the last week has been almost like every other week I've been here.

I'm not mad about that, but it helped me realize that there is something great about not having an office at internship: there's not the daily office-y tasks that need to get done, so I can spend more time with my parishioners, writing sermons, buying white roses for All Saints Day, and the like.  It really frees up time.

And so, this week has been practically the same as before, only I missed out on Supervision for the week...and will this coming week to (Field Ed: IF you're reading this, I have a list of things I've planned to talk about and am gonna schedule extra supervision sessions once Pr. B-W gets back!).  But, I have started to have my own "office hours" since Nadia is gone.  Typically, Nadia hosts "office hours" in a coffee shop in town (Pablo's) once a week for an hour and a half.  The date and time changes quite a bit, but it's a time for people to get together and talk.  It's part social, part pastoral care, and part community building/support.  I really like the idea, and wanted to do it myself, so when Nadia was gone, it was the perfect opportunity to start having office hours of my own.  I'll continue it all year, even when Nadia is hosting her own. (Don't worry, we'll never have them at the same time as a popularity contest)

So, I've added some responsibilities that I wanted to have, and have had a relatively normal week otherwise.  Except...well...Gliturgy.

(I'd like to clarify: Gliturgy is a Glitter-Liturgy which I threatened Nadia with while she was gone.  This is the inspiration for the title of this post, and did not and will not actually happen at House For All.)

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