Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day, Stewardship Time, Easter Vigil

Which of the three doesn't belong in this time of year?

Veteran's Day.  Mark 12, Easter Vigil

Foot Washing-Photo M. Tweed
Today's text is often times used in connection to stewardship, and the poor widow is lifted up as an example of how to give to the church. Well, today is Veteran's day. What better correlation could be made? How many veterans have given absolutely everything? And to all veterans, THANK YOU!

Now then, on to an explanation as to WHY Easter Vigil DOES belong!

Easter Vigil Fire- Photo J. Yucha
When worship class occurs in the fall semester, the paschal retreat occurs in the fall instead of the spring. And what a wonderfully long day it was; a full day with all classmates, our professor, our TA, and LSTC's AWESOME chapel/ worship assistants. Some of the people are first year MDiv students, some are not. Some students live on campus full time, with their entire life based in Hyde Park. Some students are part time commuters, such as myself, who live on campus part of the week, and travel home weekends. Some students travel into Chicago every day for class, some students utilize the commuter housing, and are on campus 2 or 3 days a week. No matter what 'classification of student' we are, this day we spent 8+hours together. All on the same level, worshipping, leading worship, catching up on sleep, or catching up on studies. I felt like it just may have been a mini-introduction to internship year.

Yesterday as I listened to Dr. Stewart's sermon, and heard him mention the fact that we are preparing to go out into the world as ordained ministers of word and sacrament, I looked around the sanctuary at my classmates and felt pride. I am proud of the fact that such a diverse group of people study together, worship together, learn together, and share leadership together. Whether we are straight, gay, married, single, young, not so young, MDiv, nonMDiv, commuter, part-time commuter, or live on campus, we are a group of diverse people who live diverse lives. We are a group of diverse people who do not fit into one category, even in the way in which we obtain our degree, for this world becomes smaller with technology, and more transient with spouses being relocated due to their jobs. We are a group of diverse people, preparing to minister to a diverse world. Thanks Be To God!

ps- see Chad's post for MORE info on the paschal retreat!

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