Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pickett's the Ticket!

It's no secret that political discourse is pretty loud at LSTC.  There are probably many reasons why this is, but it's safe to say that you don't have to walk far in our halls to find a few students - or maybe a classroom - discussing political issues, especially during elections like the one going on today.

Sometimes, we can take it all a little too seriously.  Sometimes, a majority opinion needs to be reminded that theirs isn't the only viewpoint represented in our community.  And, as election results are coming in at this very moment, I'm sure there are mixed emotions among all of us at LSTC.

Because of this, it's nice when a little lightheartedness comes to break the tension up a bit.  This morning, when we got to campus, we came upon this sight:

He was running unopposed this time around, I'm told.

On this election day, it was pretty fun to see all the reactions to this banner, hung on the second floor inside the courtyard.  I think it gave everyone a chance to laugh a bit, especially those of us who may have been a little too anxious about the day.  Dr. Pickett, one of our New Testament professors, is on sabbatical this semester, so I don't know if he knows he was at the center of the only political poster on campus this fall, but I'm pretty sure he'd enjoy the silliness of it all.

If anything, I think this one rogue act of a few students (I'm assuming students did this!) helped us all realize that we can't take these elections so seriously, especially when we believe in a God who is working to bring love to all of us in so many ways - including through laughter.

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