Thursday, November 8, 2012

Leaving a Little Room

The Future just got a lot closer this week.

While hanging out with some other friends this week, someone said, “you know? After this semester and j-term, we’ll be halfway done with our class load at LSTC.”


My first reaction is to ask all sorts of evaluative questions of my experience in looking toward my future.  What have I been learning for the past half of my class time here?  Am I feeling adequately prepared to be a pastor?  Am I really ready to preach and teach according with the Confessions and Scriptures?  All of these are great questions to ask for any seminarian in whatever place they find themselves, but I have to continually remind myself that, while I love to keep close tabs on everything (especially when it comes to class loads and registration!), there’s got to be some room for the Spirit to move. 

This is another one of my growing edges that I have discovered.  I can make all sorts of plans and goals, and this is a very good skill to have, but to be in a loving relationship with God and with other people demands room for something more than what I plan on happening.  It demands room for spontaneity and openness to new experiences alongside of plans and goals.  It demands a willingness to let change and growth occur as God intentionally pours out God’s Spirit onto the whole of creation (Joel 2:28).  It demands these things because the Spirit is really what we are following and interacting with as we continually discern our vocations inside and outside of LSTC.

So am I ready to be a pastor?  Well, I still don’t have my first clerical yet, but I'm sure that will change in the future as the Spirit moves me ;)

Have a great Thursday!

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