Monday, November 19, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Turkeys, Oh MY!

turkeys taking a bath
So, this week, House For All Sinners and Saints is giving away free food to people on Thanksgiving. We call it Operation: Turkey Sandwich and basically, we make homemade turkey sandwiches, stuffing muffins, pumpkin cookies, mayo and mustard packets and put them all in a brown lunch bag with a sticker on it that says "It sucks you have to work on Thanksgiving. Operation: Turkey Sandwich brought to you by House For All Sinners and Saints." We then go around Denver distributing them to anyone who is working on Thanksgiving (cops, bartenders, 7-11 clerks, strippers, nurses, bus drivers, etc). I've been told it's absolutely incredible to see people's face light up when they get their sandwich and I'm excited to be a part of it.

Yet, there is another, less glamorous side of Operation: Turkey Sandwich. The organization. Luckily my Meyers-Briggs is a "J" which means I'm really organized and like to be an administrator (Mom, don't judge this based on my laundry). So, I've been compiling spreadsheets with all the information on it about who is bringing what and how many of them, as well as who is helping make and distribute. I've gotten to send emails, make stickers and signs, plan for Thursday's assembly's been great. I've also had the joy of being a somewhat unofficial turkey drop off center. I'll be roasting birds two at a time the rest of the week and making a bunch of stuffing muffins as well. I love cooking, and I love cooking in large numbers. It is, in fact, the first time I've roasted turkey, but I figure: Go big or go home.
yay turkey!

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