Sunday, November 25, 2012

Same Bat time, Same bat channel.

Last week of classes, and I can hardly believe it!  Then again, as I sat on the bus and the L during my commute from Madison to Chicago tonight I had my Greek vocabulary out studying like crazy trying to master the words which seem to always escape me.  Of course, as I go through my list, I come across words with a wonderfully funny, sometimes wonderfully inappropriate mnemonic- and for those chuckles, I can thank my fantastic Greek Study Group!  As we go through the words, sometimes a mnemonic is immediately apparent.  Sometimes the mnemonic has a crazy long story.  Sometimes the mnemonic has a wonderfully inappropriate story.  All are good because they help us remember the Greek words!

As I chug through these last two weeks on campus, I know that I will look back with amazement as I remember how I first wandered onto campus and into various classrooms wondering how I would make it.  And now that the first semester is near its end, I know, and  I can share with all future seminarians, that God gets us through this- we are called to serve God, and that is why we are here.  But, we also need to do our part and ask for help when we need it, and take advantage of people forming study groups.  I find that these study group times are when I talk through problems, talk through questions, and always see issues through a different lens.
Blam- another Paper is Done!
All these are lessons which I learned this semester, and I'm certain I will learn another one or two in the next two weeks!

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