Monday, October 31, 2011


Sitting in preaching class seems to bring out a nervousness that was reserved for my public tap dancing to the song, "The Candyman" in third grade, but I find myself with that same nervous stomach and that worried feeling of what others may think. So to write a great sermon (for a second year LSTC student) you want to start early and looking at my weekend I needed to be done for Thursday night not the Tuesday Nov. 1, when i was to preach. And I was meeting with my professor, Dr. Satterlee to go over my sermon, which was actually going to be preached outside the classroom on Thanksgiving, which adds just another knot in the stomach. But after some writing...Ooh I was stoked! I had been writing for a couple of days and Wednesday night I really felt that I had groomed this thing out well. So as Dr. Satterlee is reading through it, he seems intrigued makes some noises of agreement and stops, removing his glasses he says, "You lost me." Oh No!!! "Sermon time of death... " I thought this one was a home run, but it looks like a strikeout. But what needs to be remembered is...This is why we meet, because a second year student writing his second real sermon needs the chance, space, and permission to fail. So we start to work through it and all of a sudden we see the areas of growth, we see the gems to hold on to, and we see the hope that this sermon has but does not say out loud. Sigh of relief, and as I left a little sad I was not the prodigy I had dreamed up in the morning hours, I knew I really had something to bring back Tuesday. I went down and had a great weekend with friends, celebrating my best friend's wedding, and returned to make a new sermon on the new foundations that Dr. Satterlee and I created. Now I really think I got something! Lesson learned... trust the system and it will reward you; trust your professors, because they know what they are doing!

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