Saturday, October 1, 2011


There are certain "fun house" elements inherent in living in the housing at LSTC. Part of the fun is the age of the buildings themselves, rumored to have been the housing for the workers at the World's Fair. There are certain "sticky" doors that have multiple layers of white paint. There are floors with a definite tilt to them. This week's adventure: radiators turning on.

It's that awkward time of year before it is really cold but when fall weather is cool enough to find you curling up in a fetal ball underneath layers of blankets. Okay, maybe that's just me and my love of being under heaps of covers...

Regardless, fall is in the air. I'm finally getting into the rhythm of the semester and checking things off my endless to do lists. I've stocked up on groceries and toilet paper and ink cartridges. My roommates and I finally got internet, put up pictures on the walls, and rolled out the rug in our front room. They've also figured out my great dislike of doing dishes and my love of dancing around the place.

With the humm and buzz of the radiator coming on and warming us up, this place is finally feeling like home again. Aptly, I am curled up in a ball under my covers as I type this. LSTC housing may not be perfect but it makes a darn good place to call home.

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