Monday, October 17, 2011


A man walks past you in a kid's batman towel over his head, it has a hole for a head and two really pathetic antler ear pieces and looks like it's only like 20 times too small. As you pass him he nods his head and says in a manly and protective voice, "Citizen." What do you do to that? Well if you were walking around Hyde Park during our relaxing but too quick for words reading week last week, on a certain night I was out sporting my batman kid's towel like I have many times before. I was headed to an apartment of some students from McCormick, one of our brother/sister seminaries that is so close that our buildings are linked, I was headed to a superhero party! I park in McCormick's parking garage, we do trainings together, and most recently before this party we held an arts event in LSTC's chapel. These Presbyterian brothers and sisters of ours I see almost at least once during the week if not daily, and I know a couple of names, and choke a, "hi" and a head nod when I see them. Not Good Enough!!! I broke some of my personal barriers last week by hanging with those McCormick kiddos, and guess what??? They know how to party! They were all dressed up with some money costumes... Quail Man, The Penguin, a couple of Incredibles, the list goes on and on. I just know that I was so ready to be an LSTC student and I almost missed out on being a student of so much more. I hope I made some acquaintancesthat night, which may someday become more than that. God bless other seminaries, God bless ecumenism, and hopefully soon LSTC will keep the family ties going and we will host a party soon?! It's not up to the seminaries to keep us connected, we all have our part and I realized it last week amidst all the reading. Man the things you can't learn in a book!
Until next time..."CITIZENS!!!"

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