Sunday, September 4, 2011


The semester has officially started!  Today was the first day at my Ministry in Context (MIC) site, which is Shepherd of the Hill in Lockport, Illinois.  In between the two services, Pastor Dealey was trying to explain what "geocaching" was to a parishioner.  After a few minutes of attempting to explain it, he decided we'd better just go experience it.  So we did.  We went geocaching in between services.  If you don't know what geocaching is, click on the link back there to figure it out.

It seemed perfectly fitting that we should be geocaching between services.  Caching is sort of like ministry.  You do your best to follow coordinates (the liturgy in the ELW, a curriculum for confirmation classes, a plan for marital counseling, etc), but the reality is, you have to search around the base of a lightpost for awhile until you figure out exactly how to get to the cache, or the need at hand.  You sign the log, just as we seem to sign the logs of one another when we enter into relationship with each other.  Your story becomes a part of my story and mine becomes a part of yours.

This day pretty much rocked.  Welcome back to LSTC!

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