Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Fall is coming to Chicago. The semester is in full swing and already the leaves are beginning to change color. At LSTC that only means one thing. Football season is upon us!

Seminarian football is serious business. Every year eight seminaries meet in Gettysburg to fight for the title of Luther Bowl champion and the right to bring home the coveted Book of Concord and Luther bobble head doll. Hardened on the mean streets of Chicago, LSTC is the furthest traveling Luther Bowl team and one of the most formidable.

But before we can do battle on the hallowed fields of Gettysburg, we must practice. On the football field, we learn new things about one another. Like how the quiet fellow who sat behind you in Greek can weave a football through a rush of on-coming defenders. Or that the friendly-looking woman who helped out in chapel last week is in fact a grizzled middle linesman you would not want to meet in a back alley. We learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses; learn to anticipate each other’s moves and read each other’s signals. Relationships form and community develops.

Seminarian football is in the end not so much about football as it is about community building. But in the midst of community, we are serious about our football. Watch out Luther Bowl, LSTC is equipping the saints for victory once again.

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