Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm home...

As i write to you showing you a picture of my new apartment with my new table, and my roommates old bed, I think about home has been six different places over the last 5 years. And although I can only imagine that this list will only change with internships and hopeful graduation and ordination, I take a moment and think through the travels. I realize that calling these many places home has made me more apt for thinking about the next step, rather than enjoying the hear and now. Last year I spent much of my spring already excited about moving here, and I could spend this year being excited about internships and where that could be. But rather I will be looking forward to today and maybe tomorrow, as I work on living in the now. Looking forward to my first class of the semester...Life and Letters of Paul with Ray Pickett, or choir coming right after chapel, with the one and only Dan Schwandt. Earlier this morning, I was out long-boarding around Hyde Park and running some errands, and it's a beautiful day not too cold not too warm, just comfortable. And as the semester starts I can say I feel much the same, comfortable. Comfortable in my calling to this place, comfortable with my home, and comfortable with my future and all that I don't know about it. I'm home now, and as you can tell with a bed in the living room, I still have some unpacking to do. Maybe next week I will show you all the disaster area that is my room...Yikes!

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