Saturday, September 24, 2011

Getting Too Far Ahead

I have this habit of getting ahead of myself. Not when I'm talking, however. I do so with life.

I'll mask it by saying that I'm a planner. I'll cover it by saying that it isn't worry. I'll pretend to be less concerned than I actually am.

Anyone else on that boat with me? The great sin of getting ahead of ourselves. Even today, as I was joyfully singing the praises of two of my favorite couples on campus to my roommate, I said, "You know, it is going to be rough to have to leave everyone again." Yeah, that's right. It's September and I'm thinking about May.

On internship, I learned a good bit of taking the days as they come. I learned to savor the moment. And since being back, I've had many such moments. Like gathering with a group of seniors and laughing so loud and hard that the other tables in the cafeteria were glaring at us. Oops. But there was such joy in the moment. Such joy.

In my Constructive Theology course last week we talked about seeking joy. We decided that seeking joy is an everyday job. For me, it's all tied up with living in the moment. Celebrating today for today, even when deadlines have completely passed by.

Generally, getting too far ahead of today doesn't bring me joy. What about you?

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  1. What's that old saying? If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans. Getting too far ahead keeps biting me because I have everything planned out perfectly in my head, but it somehow never happens that way. It happens beautifully and just how it should, but never the way it was supposed to in my dreams. I blame it on the planner too, but I'm learning somethings can be planned, and others can't.