Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Word and Sacrament: MIC

In the religious seminary system, Uninformed seminarians are considered especially heinous. In The Windy City, The dedicated professors that drown us with thirty plus books for one class, inundate us with frightening tales of endorsement essays from years past and hold us to task are members of an elite squad Known as the Book of Concord Unit, These are their stories...

Welcome back to another episode of Seminary Life.

Unchartered waters are normally considered dangerous, for within those churning sandy stained waves hides jagged slivers of blackened rock, deceitful tangles of moss and seaweeds and swirling sinkholes in one can lose their footing easily. Yet, the beauty and promise of softness and cradling of the waters around the fragility of one’s skin is the allure that pulls our spirits closer as a respite from the pouring heat from the noonday sun.

It is through the beginning once more of waters which can refresh or enrich our souls that brings us once more to the shores of Seminary, resting if only for a moment awaiting our next sojourn among the waters. We pause to reflect on our voyage through the storms of CPE in solitude except for the hand of Our Creator who steadied us when we lost the cargo, attempted to repair frayed ropes or collapsed under the weight of stress of just keeping our strength for one more day.

Yet, we have earned our stripes so to speak. As a larger shadow looms on the horizon we stand no longer novices now recognized as budding leaders and don those badges of honor bestowed upon us, draped in black not in mourning but in respect of the journey God has set before us.

God's Peace.

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