Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Walking without a minute to lose, I see Chad McKenna, Chicago intern. He still lives in Hyde Park in campus housing. I greet him as I normally do with a hug, and ask how he is doing. He asks what I am doing tonight, and I say I am headed to something right now in our cafeteria. Chad tells me he has an extra ticket t0 a White Sox game, if I'd like to go. Ooohh...not a big fan of the White Sox, but I do like to hang out, I like sports, I have not really had the chance to catch up with Chad in a while. Well I decide I can swing it I just have to leave my meeting I was headed to right on time to change, grab a glove, and meet them and new surprise Nate Sutton, another Chicago intern living in campus housing would also be joing us. Nate Sutton besides being a friend, was always prepared with Greek translations last year in class, a saving grace for us first year Juniors. I was excited to get out on the town in such an unexpected way. The three of us drive down to the game, we found out we had amazing seats from someone in Chad's congregation, another perk for a wonderful night with some friends I rarely get to see. Chad's wife, Andrea was also there, and it was good to hangout with her as well, since we had really never met, and I gained a facebook friend! Chad and Nate reassured me of the upcoming year, and that I would survive things like Systematics and Hebrew, and told me about their internships, which also pumped me up for my future, remembering why we do all this. It is a blessing to have voices like that in time of worry and stress, and I believe them when they say I can do it. Well, the Sox win (Yay I guess...Go Brewers), we saw a Grand Slam, and I got a helmet full of Nachos. It was a perfect night, and I had a blast with my Middler friends...I mean intern friends, I'm the Middler now.

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  1. Middler- a second year Mdiv student...sorry I forget that is not the lingo of everyone.

    Intern- third year usually sent out to get practice full time in Parish...many are usually placed all over the US sometimes world!