Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top 10 signs you’re ready for internship or first call

10) You’re sick of preaching to seminarians and just want to preach to “real” people

9) You’re ready for your preaching to be a part of a worship service, and not just stand alone.

8) You’re beginning to continually debate your professors and classmates whether “that would fly in the parish.”

7) You’re sick of writing papers!

6) You’ve actually heard of every book your professor puts on the syllabus.

5) As great as worship is at LSTC, you’re ready for something different.

4) You’re spouse keeps getting jealous over how much time you “get to” spend at home.

3) You’re ready to be a customer at Starbucks instead of an employee (ok, maybe that one’s just me).

2) The thought of wearing a clerical collar doesn’t seem so bad after all.

1) You actually (almost) look forward to the challenge of dealing with congregational conflict!

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