Sunday, May 1, 2011


We've been praying for transitions for awhile here at LSTC.  We're constantly bringing up the changes that are happening in, essentially, everyones' lives.  Juniors are about to start CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) where they'll have their first opportunity to engage in ministry outside of the classroom.  Middlers are preparing to start internship.  Interns are trying to say their goodbyes to internship sites and coming back to LSTC.  Seniors are waiting for the first call details to get into place.  Faculty and staff are about to have a new dynamic of students around, as they'll only know 50% of campus...again.  

We've been talking about this and praying about it so much that it's started to become normalized to me.  I forget that I'm saying goodbye to my first year of seminary and the intense feelings (I would imagine) that others are experiencing in their various "goodbyes" and "hellos."  

I had the opportunity to worship this weekend with the congregation that I'll be doing MIC (Ministry In Context) at next year.  It was crazy because without knowing that I was going to be attending, the pastor put my name in the bulletin to introduce me to the congregation.  He also had a note to invite people to Travis's last service, since Travis is finishing up his year of MIC there currently.  

It was a good reminder for me that these transitions are not just about us.  It's not just those of us gathering in Augustana Chapel for worship during the week.  The transitions are also about the congregations and site placements preparing to receive us.  Peace and prayers to those receiving all of us!

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