Friday, April 29, 2011

Transitions and Transformations

As we celebrate Christ's resurrection, the beauty of an empty tomb and the majesty of eternity before us as people of faith we too are going through our own transitions.

The year is closing and for many of us this has been the year of discernment. We have struggled, triumphed, achieved and allowed ourselves to be humbled. For us, from the academic to the practical is becoming a reality: summer is filled with visions of walking through hospitals, hospices, retirement communities and social service organizations being that healer vulnerable to pain and suffering and becoming God's hands by our actions, the comfort of words, a prayer or simply being present. For many it is embarking onto new horizons, going out and being immersed in new communities and for others it is leaving the grace-filled community of LSTC to continue the fight, being warriors in ministry.

Yet, it is not only that but we are being formed, through trials by fire and our experiences molded into what Christ has called us by name, one by one to become. And yet even though whether we are embarking on CPE or internship far away, we are never far from our hearts and the interwoven thread of Love and the Holy Spirit that resides within our souls.

Our experiences from this moment on will be real. We will stumble, fall and utter the words "Oops" perhaps quite often. But the Creator smiles, laughs with us and reminds that no matter where-the path is open, the journey continues and He is always there.

God's Peace.

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