Thursday, April 14, 2011

Draft Diary, Part II

The day has finally come! After two months of waiting since I interviewed with 10 potential internship sites, we will find out at approximately 4:00pm today where we will be spending the next year of our life. Recalling Matt K.’s Bill Simmons-esque “draft diary” the day he found out his regional call assignment, I thought I would add my own version for the internship “draft.”

8:03 am: Wake up to find I slept surprisingly well last night! Not so for Becky, who tells me she woke up at 5am and spent an hour with a book and some tea before going back to bed.

9:26 am: Take my cup of coffee over to my desk to start research on my Lutheran Confessions paper on the authority of Scripture in the Lutheran church. I thought it would be really important to keep myself busy today, but I’m finding that I’m not really that anxious. Maybe that’s why they have us wait so long – after two months, what’s a few more hours?

11:53 am: Distract myself from my work long enough to check, still basking in last night's Bulls' victory that secured for them the best record in the NBA and home-court advantage throughout the playoffs!

12:17 pm: Alright, starting to get a little antsy. I think it just finally hit me that we’re finding out today! Getting kinda hard to focus on my reading.

1:23 pm: A grocery shopping trip will fill the afternoon until the prayer service at 3:30. But we’re not sure how much to buy, as we don’t know when we’re moving! Depending on where we’re going, internship could start anywhere from June 1—August 1.

4:03 pm: Well, Chicago, it’s been fun. Gotta be in Vancouver, WA by June 1!

4:13 pm: Time to call mom.

4:33 pm: Class identity crisis. After being with the middlers to find out internship sites, I immediately head to a “Prep 4 Parish” workshop with the Seniors, who have already done internship. Oh the adventures of being a Lutheran year student!

7:52 pm: Receive a call from my supervising Pastor!

8:01 pm: Time to go celebrate (hopefully not mourn) with other soon-to-be interns/vicars!

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