Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paperless Worship...the Future?!?!

The last two days I have been at a conference about the effects of paperless worship, using music leaders to teach songs and create a new type of worship experience. I have been having a great time, but it could not have happened without the generosity of All Saints Company, the group putting on the conference. They waived the fee for the conference for LSTC students, it has been amazing to talk about worship and the way that you can create so much energy and feeling from simplicity of worship. The leaders had so much to offer in wisdom and experience. Episcopal and Lutheran leaders, but even more denominations were at the conference and just reminding me about how important it is to keep an open mind to create a worship that is inclusive. I know that my hopes for the future is that we would start to incorporate paperless worship at LSTC, and my true hope for this school is that there would be a paperless worship a week. I hope that environmentally and also an experiential way that LSTC will take a serious look into this opportunity. We can really push the envelope on how we interpret worship and what we can do for the future. I look forward to everything that this conference will do for our worship experience at LSTC. I especially am excited knowing that we represented well with at least 10 students who took advantage and our Worship teacher and dean of chapel was there, Ben Stewart and our Cantor to the LSTC Community, Dan Schwandt. Very hopeful! I also used a shruti box...don't know what it is you can look it up, and be excited with me!

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