Monday, April 4, 2011

Crazy Train

Hanging out on Mondays has never been so stressful. Last night I had my laptop go out on me and I lost a couple of papers and some other documents that I needed to make papers for the week. Weeks seem shorter and time is flying, but the interesting part is that next year is already creeping up on everything. People are starting to talk about next year’s classes and where they are going to live. I am trying to figure out roommates for next year and where I want to live. I have to check for financial aid and refill out all my forms for next year. I visited a church yesterday to see if I might be interested in using them as my field experience, not that I can really pick, but you do give the people who pick for you an idea of what kind of ministry you want. I said something that promotes social justice and postmodernity…or Kurt Hendel (since the church I visited is his home congregation). The end result is that now more than ever the times have quickened, there is the urgency to finish the year, but also the urgency to get ready for the next. Between this and the summer clinical hours that are coming the future looks quick and crazy. More than anything it’s nonstop, and I like that, so I hope for perseverance and I a good grip to hold on to the whirlwind that looks to be my next three years.

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