Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life is so good.

Some of us seminarians have taken to becoming official Buckman Page groupies.  The band, led in voice by Marcus Lohrmann, who is the husband of my classmate Bekki Lohrmann, is phenomenal.  They started as a college band out of Valpo and are booking shows in Chicago on a regular basis.  We load up at least two carloads of people about once a month to go see these guys rock out.  While I'm sure the other BP groupies may have a different favorite part of the shows, mine always comes with one of their slower songs called "Good."   

"Good," aside from being a love song, always makes me appreciate my time at the show with the lyrics, "Life is so good.  We are here.  This is so good."  I look around and see the two carloads or more of seminarians whose heads are about to spin off with writing sermons, analyses of the Lutheran Confessions, exegesis papers, reflections on Luke's Gospel and everything else that piles up on their kitchen tables.  We all take a break to come to these shows together.  I feel this moment of release from everything else I am worried about in the classroom and on campus, because life is so good to be with these people, listening to great music.  

"I know you got your problems, but today, life is so good.  I know you got your worries, but today, life is so good.  I know you got your troubles, but today, life is so good.  I know it's no answer, but today, life is so, so good."

Picture from Buckman Page's Facebook page:

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