Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who doesn't love surprises!

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...It's a belated surprise," was what the email was titled, it was a surprise party for our friend and fellow Junior, Sara Suginaka. We had a blast planning, people were making all kinds of different foods, I myself made two cakes, Pineapple Upside Down and a layered confetti cake (I had never layered a cake before). We surprised her by saying we were having a meeting from a group some of us were in, and helped by Cheryl Pero, our solid diversion in detaining her, she was brought to a room with a bunch of Juniors who yelled surprise while a bunch of her friends sang happy birthday! We moved from there to a different room we call Freebies (a basement hangout place on campus), and played games, listened to music and had a good ole time. I guess I bring this up, because it is good to recognize milestones in people's lives.

A few days earlier aided by Emily Ewing, fellow Junior, while I was house sitting for another friend Zak Wagner and spouse, Katie, we decorated their house a little for their belated honeymoon. We filled their room with about 60+ balloons, Emily decorated two balloons to be his and hers, and I put some chocolates and champagne in the fridge. Easy and quick, but I think this community wants to help each other, I think that we need to play together and most importantly, we need the fun to take our minds off the end of the year stuff. I love that we were able to do all of this, but I loved doing it because immediately it was done, no waiting for a grade, no reflection paper after, just some good ole fun. Well now I do need to get to some homework, because we have The Willy Wonka Extravaganza tonight!!! Man I love this place!

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