Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's Left of the Flag

Saturday was a great day, I saw the river turn green in Chicago, I watched the parade which had lots of kilts and bagpipes, and I finally saw Flogging Molly, the band I have wanted to see for quite a long time. And although the concert could be described as out of control and maybe even a little too vulgar, there is one point that I remember and really took with me. The lead singer is the only person from Ireland I believe, and while they were playing one of the last songs, "what's left of the flag," lots of imagery was being displayed behind the band of Irish revolts. I was quite inspired, and not to revolt, but that at this concert of around 4000 people, I was witnessing a man's history and how close he still holds to revolts that made Ireland what it is today. I look back in my own history to experiences like Seminex that I hold dearly to, and the amazing stories of that experience and how LSTC plays a pivotal role in that history, and I look to the future as I head to Washington DC for Ecumenical Advocacy Days. As a Wisconsinite, I have watched my state go through one of the most detrimental arguments in a while and doing it all under the public eye and criticism, but I will remember the protesters and those willing to stand out all night, I remember seeing signs in Milwaukee and in Madison, and I feel connected, and I will always remember those images whenever I hear that Flogging Molly song, but maybe I will remember my own images too. "walk away me boy, walk away me boys, and by morning we'll be free. wipe that golden tear from your mother dear, and raise what's left of the flag for me." Seminary is about getting an education, but I reminded this week, it's about training to stand up for what is right, and pushing towards a better tomorrow.

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