Friday, March 18, 2011

Ministry in Motion, Words of Life Blooming

It seems that Life has poured through our windows, spilling out onto the floor in happy puddles. Slowly but surely Spring has come and with many hopes will kick off her shoes and stay awhile.

With the rebirth of beauty, and the warmth beginning to embrace us all, during this season of Lent there is always, also a flurry of activity emerging from churches as they fellowship once a week over a meal sharing the Good News and teaching others. Elsewhere, in the hallowed halls of Seminary many of us are in the midst of working on drafts of Endorsement Essays, turning in MIC preferences, filling out financial aid paperwork, waiting on Internship placements to be announce as well as paper after project after midterm. Fridays are a Sabbath here, most of us either hiding in the Library or hiding in our little abodes catching up on sleep or reading.

The question remains "Is this all there is?" Will the knowledge that is poured into us sustain as we go out? Why do I feel empty?

This afternoon, a few of my fellow sems and I met with S.O.U.L, an organization that works on the South Side of the city on issues that have bogged the surrounding communities for decades-they give them a voice, the action and the validity of humanity that they matter. This is the practical side of ministry in motion-this is going out and following His teachings to impact and care for the least of these.

Empowered, Excited, Enthused and Elated-how the soul sings in harmony emerging in the light of ministry!

"Good and Gentle Creator, you have taken our hands, hearts and spirits and linked them with our fellow brothers and sisters to remind us of the legacy and the lessons that your Son left for us. Bestow us with your grace, Father the driving force in our lives that we continue to exude your Will and Way and infect the world with you Word and Peace. In your name we pray, Amen."

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