Friday, March 11, 2011

Giving Up, Letting Go or Coming Together

As we journey within this season of Lent, in good humor there is conversation about what people will give up; it is parallel to New Year's Resolution's where we swear off all of the wonderful holiday foods and run, not walk to our local gym.

Epic Fail.

The phrase "Good Intentions" comes to the recesses of my thoughts; we wish and want to improve, and whether it be the stark reality of the cold, astronomical prices or the weariness of our daily routine that elicits the promise of "tomorrow, I'll start tomorrow" that stalls our progress, the realization that we can not accomplish this on our falls over our spirits and we are left pondering, where is our will, our strength, our drive?

I would challenge those who walk these long, dusty paths into solitude not to give up but to come together with others-as Jesus called to His disciples so we should reach out and join hands, helping those that can not help themselves, carrying their burdens, sharing what we have. Coming from the heels of the conference the Spirit ushers me forward into the battle of hunger and homelessness; of wellness for those who are blessed with Mother Earth, in turn caretakers of what the Creator has blessed us with.

As I write this, my prayers have been lifted to the valley as a wonderful church member from my childhood is making her transition. My mother who has visited her says her eyes shine with beauty and blazing with spirit but her body, this earthly shell is failing her.

Seminary is not about theology, papers and impressing your candidacy committee. Seminary is about passion, about what Christ truly wished us to fight for, finding our voice and then fighting for those who can not fight for themselves. What is your fight? Hunger? Homelessness? Health Care?
Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your heart, and then go-be a servant for many.

Mighty Creator your grace abounds throughout our lives, embedded and created deep within. Instruct our hearts so that we may not just self sacrifice menial habits in this Lenten Season but joining in solidarity and unity with our fellow and forgotten brothers and sisters. Walk with those who will soon see you amazing Father and dance in your presence, and comfort those who will lose their loved ones. In your Eternal Name we pray, Amen.

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  1. At the local clergy text study last week:
    "So is anyone giving up anything for lent?"
    "My new years resolutions."